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About Out Of Wood

Out of Wood has been manufacturing solid wood furniture since 1978. Our products have been successfully exported since 1985 and have earned an enviable reputation in the international market for world-class excellence.  The experience we have gained by manufacturing to the exacting standards expected by the international trade is now also available to our own domestic markets.

We are proud of our people centered, equal opportunity based organizational structure which ensures that our customers not only get the best product but are also making a contribution to the financial well being of our local community.

The Timber

All timber used in Out of Wood is sourced from commercially established South African plantations. These plantations are managed to the exacting standards of ISO9000 and/or ISO14000 and the Forestry Stewardship Council systems. That means we are not just talking about being environmentally friendly but taking an active part in our countries environmental program.

Each piece of timber is hand selected to comply with our own high standards. Our customers can be sure that each of our products will meet or exceed their requirements.

The Product

Through specialization, dedicated product lines and a receptive attitude to all our clients needs, we are able to produce fine furniture at better than current market prices.

Our Customers

You can be assured that Out of Wood will at all times do it’s utmost to deliver, the finest quality, fair prices, on-time deliveries with an unsurpassed back up service. We pride ourselves in being able to react to market demands and customer needs efficiently and effectively, by putting our customers first, always.

Our Exporters Reg. No: 522736