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  • Why Buy Furniture Online?

    Are you on the hunt for top-quality, solid wood furniture for home or office? In the old days, this meant driving around from store to store, fighting traffic and dealing with hordes of people in busy shopping centres. But no more! Now, you can shop for furniture online and in peace. Out of Wood may […]
  • What is an Ottoman?

    So called because they were introduced to Europe from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in the 1800s, Ottomans are low, rectangular wooden chests with storage space, but also with a padded lid to provide seating space. Ottomans were originally used as bedroom furniture, often as the room’s focal piece. Placed at the foot of the bed, […]
  • What is a Sleigh Bed?

    Sleigh beds quite literally resemble snow sleighs – with a high curved headboard and a lower curved footboard. These wooden beds originated in the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome and enjoyed immense popularity in France and North America during the Victorian era when grand homes were decorated in an ornate classical style. Napoleon is […]
  • The Allure of the Four-Poster Bed

    There’s something quite appealing about a four-poster bed – no other style of bed conjures up quite the same romantic, olde worlde charm. In Medieval England, a solid wood four-poster bed was the ultimate status symbol – considered the most important item of furniture in a home, the better the wood out of which the […]
  • Storing Wine in a Wine Rack

    Alas, we may not have the space or the cash to build a wine cellar at home, but we can treat ourselves to a high quality wooden wine rack. Not only does a nicely stocked wood wine rack make a great focal point in the dining room, kitchen or bar but it actually will store […]
  • Should I Choose a Wooden or Plastic Baby Cot?

    Choosing the right crib for your little precious is crucial – your baby deserves to sleep in a cot which is pretty, safe and comfortable. Many parents deliberate over whether to go for a plastic or wooden baby cot. Here at Out of Wood, we think it’s a no-brainer! Here’s why our wood baby cribs […]
  • How to Buy the Right Office Desk

    Whether you work out of a corporate office or a small home office, it’s crucial that you select the correct desk for your workspace – it really can make the difference between being a happy, productive worker and an ineffective, disorganised and disgruntled one. Before you buy an office desk, consider: The nature of your […]
  • Buying Sustainable Wood Furniture

    Increasingly, consumers are concerned about where the products they buy come from and what they’re made out of. Not only is wood furniture durable, elegant and beautiful but, providing the wood is sourced sustainably, it’s a great choice for eco-conscious buyers, too. Here at Out of Wood, we aim to be a responsible wood furniture […]