Storing Wine in a Wine Rack

Alas, we may not have the space or the cash to build a wine cellar at home, but we can treat ourselves to a high quality wooden wine rack. Not only does a nicely stocked wood wine rack make a great focal point in the dining room, kitchen or bar but it actually will store wine correctly as well. Here are some tips for wine lovers to follow:

  • Don’t store wine bottles upright (like in a cupboard or on a kitchen counter) for any length of time – the corks will dry out, air will enter the bottle and the wine will go off
  • Place your wooden wine rack in a cool spot – wine needs to be kept at a temperature of around 25° Celsius. Any warmer and it can spoil.
  • Keep wine out of direct sunlight – too bright light can spoil wine (which is why wine bottles are generally made from green glass)
  • Don’t keep wine in the fridge – refrigeration can dry out the cork and the excessive cold tends to ruin the flavour, flattening out the subtle nuances in flavour and aroma

Placing wine bottles horizontally in a wooden wine rack is the perfect way to store them – the cork will be moistened by the wine and will remain airtight, preserving it. Our solid wood wine racks can store up to 45 bottles and has drawers for keeping wine accessories, like bottle openers or coasters.

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