The Allure of the Four-Poster Bed

There’s something quite appealing about a four-poster bed – no other style of bed conjures up quite the same romantic, olde worlde charm. In Medieval England, a solid wood four-poster bed was the ultimate status symbol – considered the most important item of furniture in a home, the better the wood out of which the bed was made and the more well-crafted and ornate it was, the more well-off the landlord. In those days, the four posts extending from each corner of the bed were more than aesthetic, however – they were functional, too. These posts supported huge (and often elaborate) canopies and drapes which, whilst lending a luxurious air – and letting you know the bed’s occupant was a VIP – also provided privacy and kept out cold draughts. Communal medieval sleeping areas may have been relegated to the history books and we can now regulate our indoor climate through heating or airconditioning, but our love for the elegant four-poster bed remains.

If you’re looking for a statement piece of solid wood bedroom furniture, choose from one of seven gorgeous four-poster bed styles from Out of Wood.

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