What is a Sleigh Bed?

Sleigh beds quite literally resemble snow sleighs – with a high curved headboard and a lower curved footboard. These wooden beds originated in the civilisations of Ancient Greece and Rome and enjoyed immense popularity in France and North America during the Victorian era when grand homes were decorated in an ornate classical style. Napoleon is credited with popularising the sleigh bed in nineteenth century France – legend has it he required all the beds he slept in to be made in this style. The French trend caught on in America, and the sleigh bed – also sometimes referred to as the French bed – quickly became a status symbol amongst the wealthy élite. Today, wooden sleigh beds are once again sought after in stylish homes – they lend a sophisticated and luxurious feel to the bedroom, whilst still being versatile enough to work in a setting of traditional or contemporary styling.

Sleigh beds work best in solid wood of the very highest quality. Out of Wood manufactures five different sleigh bed designs – each one fit for a king!

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