What is an Ottoman?

So called because they were introduced to Europe from the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in the 1800s, Ottomans are low, rectangular wooden chests with storage space, but also with a padded lid to provide seating space.

Ottomans were originally used as bedroom furniture, often as the room’s focal piece. Placed at the foot of the bed, they were used to store blankets and linen. Over the years, they’ve reduced in size and nowadays, Ottomans are a versatile piece of furniture. In addition to being useful for de-cluttering your bedroom, you can also use your Ottoman as…

A footstool – place your Ottoman a comfortable distance from your favourite sofa and use it to rest weary legs whilst enjoying a cuppa or watching TV. Keep the living room tidy by placing magazines and books inside it.

A toy box – use a wooden Ottoman in your children’s nursery or bedroom to store toys and games.

A coffee tableusing an Ottoman as a coffee table is bang on trend. If yours has a padded lid, do place a large tray on the Ottoman to keep tea and coffee pots and cups stable.

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